Welcome to Our Club (pdf, 101kB)
Club Building (pdf, 87kB)
Governing Document (Constitution) (pdf, 142kB)
Members Handbook. (pdf, 1mB)
Data Protection Policy (pdf, 2.1mB)
GDPR Statement of Compliancy (pdf, 53kB)


Outline Safety Policy (pdf, 72kB)
Safety Manual (pdf, 83kB)
Safety Checklist (pdf, 103kB)
Life Jacket Guidance (pdf, 67kB)
Risk Assessment (pdf, 212kB)
Cold Water Shock (pdf, 58kB)

Training & Technique

Some Guidance on Rowing Technique (pdf, 50kB)
Rowing Notes and Technique (pdf, 88kB)
Training Manual (pdf, 181kB)
Emergency Procedures (pdf, 68kB)
Close Your Eyes and Pull Like a Dog (pdf, 58kB)


Cox’s Course – Standard Rowing Orders (pdf, 56kB)
The Cox’s Responsibilities (pdf, 62kB)
The Coxswain – General Notes (pdf, 82kB)
Race Coxing – Guidelines (pdf, 65kB)

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