LACRC Leadership Team

Gordon Leveratt has returned as President of LACRC. The Interim Board of Trustees of the Charity (SC050249) are:

Interim Chair | Chris Cowley – 01866 833 402 & 07792 499003

Interim Treasuer | Alan Ross – 01866 822938 / 07591 639376

Non Executive Safety Officer | Ralph Anderson – 01866 822 466

Note: At the next charity AGM the Interim Board of Trustees are required to stand down but may seek re-election.
Note: The role of Club Captain is not tied to that of Chairperson and is currently vacant. However, the Club Captain will be a trustee and when appointed form part of the management team.

Trustees Meeting

Trustees met informally on 7 September to agree safety guidelines before resuming rowing; discuss the financial situation; possible dates for the next AGM. No minutes were recorded.

Minutes of Committee Meeting 3 | 29th November 2019

Please note: The Loch Awe Coastal Rowing Club (LACRC) was formerly known as the Kilchrenan, Inverinan & Dalavich CRC (KIDs).

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