Loch Awe Adventure regatta 2019

Despite Loch Awe’s splendour no regatta had ever been held there before and so in a bid to get the Loch, the Club and Argyll “on the map” it was decided to hold an inaugural St Ayles skiff regatta 26-28 April 2019. After three months of sending out invitations we had three participants and then in January someone had the bright idea of using Facebook to advertise the event. Within 6 hours we had four more Clubs and within 24 hours we had what we had assessed to be our limit of 10 boats including our own “Mingulay”.

In the days prior to the event the weather was forbidding but come the main event, a 24km race on the Sunday the rain had stopped and despite a stiffening breeze things were set fair. Although “Mingulay” came next to last in a time of 3 hrs 20 mins as against the winner’s (Arran) time of 2 hrs 35 mins, we learnt what it meant to compete with some of the best crews. We also learnt that we needed to learn how to row for effort alone is no substitute for mastering the basics. Nonetheless, the undoubted success of this event was best measured by the immensely positive feedback and now LACRC aspires to hold a Loch Awe Adventure every year in April.

All images subject to copyright © Mick Atkins Photography

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