How to Become a Member

LACRC membership is open to all regardless of age, sex, disability (mental and physical), religion or beliefs. It is not uncommon for disabled people to participate in sliding seat rowing and now it is being increasingly introduced to fixed seat skiff rowing. LACRC is keen to learn from other Clubs who have adaptive rowing experience so we too can engage in this important aspect of coastal rowing.

LACRC has adult members mainly from communities along the western side of the loch from Ford to Tervine but also further afield. Most but not all members are active rowers and come from diverse walks of life ranging from professional people to retirees and manual workers.

Give it a try

Give it a try

Everyone considering joining LACRC merely has to contact a Club member and ask if they can join in a rowing session. They are then entitled to three free “taster” sessions each comprising about 40 minutes before being asked if they wish to join. If you don’t know any members then please use our contact form to get in touch.

Also, there is a growing level of active local support and so if you would prefer not to become a member but would like nonetheless to support us to host events or assist in various fund raising initiatives you would be most welcome.

Membership fees

Membership fees are kept as low as possible to encourage widespread participation: The Individual Full Membership fee for 2021/22 is £35 per year, Non-Rowing Membership fee £30 per year and Family fee is £80 per year (2 adults and their children under 16). Please note the membership fee is valid until the end of March the following year irrespective of when someone joins. This fee is reviewed each year at the AGM and is valid for 12 months to 31 March, and is payable irrespective of when one joins provided rowing opportunities exist. There is a discounted rate for families where teenagers are also involved.

In addition to the annual fee, each member pays £2 whenever they go on the water to help defray the cost of major expenses e.g. insurance and keep the annual fee low for non rowers who nonetheless assist the Club in other ways.


Our Membership and Declaration Forms can be downloaded here:
Membership Form (pdf, 62kB)     Membership Form (docx, 15kB) .

Once you join you will be given a password for the Members’ Area as well as a “Welcome to Our Club” pamphlet, which includes various contact details and a list of helpful handouts to help the new member become a capable rower.

If you have any questions about membership please get in touch. Also, if you think that friends or family would be interested in getting involved then please let them know.

Club Strip

Orders can be placed through the Club or directly with Katya Embroidery Ltd, Oban (Tel No. 07813 687 362).

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