Safety is at the heart of what we do because whilst enjoyable and rewarding there are inherent risks with all water borne activities. There is a Club rule that ALL members of the crew must be content to go on the water in the prevailing and forecast conditions during the rowing session.

Wearing life jackets is a must!

A rowing session must have a minimum of a qualified cox and four rowers. The cox is always in charge of the skiff during launch/recovery and when afloat.

The Cox and all rowers must wear life jackets as indeed must those assisting from pontoons, jetties or safety boats. The Club has enough manually inflated life jackets to crew both skiffs i.e. 10, though regular rowers are encouraged to buy their own. Guidance as to what type to buy is provided and some people prefer to wear an auto inflation life jacket.

Before your first row you will be given a life jacket to wear and given instruction as to how to use it. You will also receive instruction about the boat, where to sit, how to row and the essential cox’s orders so that you can start confidently.

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