Launching & Recovering

Recently, the Manager of the Tyachreggan Hotel (Michelle Kelso) has kindly made a deep water launch site available to the Club where the skiffs can be stored close by. Upon resumption of rowing next year this is likely to become the preferred operating area because of its convenience and ready access to car parking, toilets and refreshments (including the bar!). However, the Club’s previous launch sites at Tervine and Dalavich (behind the Community Centre) remain available.

A boat cradle will be kept by the lochside at the Taychreggan Hotel on which to store the skiffs. Elsewhere, boats will be launched and recovered using a road trailer and car. This avoids having to lift the boats in and out of the water but still requires one person to be in charge to ensure it is done safely as underfoot conditions can be slippery. Suitable footwear is essential.

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