Day/Times of Regular Outings

As yet the Club has no base of its own and so has to tow the boat(s) to launch/recovery sites primarily at Dalavich by the Community Centre or Tervine at the DawnFresh Trout Farm (see map). Less often, boats are launched on Loch Etive by Kelly’s Pier at Taynuilt.

The Club rows throughout the year subject only to the weather. During Spring and Summer rowing sessions usually take place on Wednesday at 1800 and on Saturday or Sunday at 1030/1330 alternately between Dalavich and Tervine. Additional sessions are organised in the run up to regattas.

During late Autumn and Winter with reduced daylight hours, routine rowing sessions are confined to either Saturday or Sunday at 1100 also alternating between Dalavich and Tervine where possible.

Due to topography Tervine is more sheltered to the prevailing westerly or south westerly winds yet more exposed to easterly winds than Dalavich. Also, Tervine experiences more confused and less predictable water conditions and weather patterns and so late changes to rowing schedules/venues are sometimes necessary.

None of the above precludes members from arranging their own rowing sessions on different days/times provided the prerequisite safety requirements are met e.g. an experienced cox in the crew and a Shore Safety Officer (SSO) ashore in communication via VHF.

More info about outings

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