Coastal Rowing

In recent years the sport of coastal rowing has become immensely popular in Scotland with over 160 skiffs built and some 75 clubs formed. Moreover, the sport’s popularity has spread to many other countries with boats registered as far off as the USA and Australasia.

Rowing is an excellent full body activity which can be as strenuous as you choose. Considerable joy and confidence can be derived from being part of a well knit crew where technique, stamina, concentration, and sometimes some nerve and strength of character are necessary. You will certainly become fitter, learn new skills including seamanship as well as making new, firm friends.

Although coastal rowing can be competitive you can of course just row socially and not take part in regattas either at home or away. LACRC believes the social element of coastal rowing is very important and so seeks to preserve the right balance between the two in line with the ethos at the heart of the Scottish Coastal Rowing Association (SCRA). Our overriding aim is that rowing should be fun, inexpensive and above all safe so why not give it a try?

Everyone is welcome and should you wish to join us your ideas, input and sense of adventure in what is an exciting opportunity for us all will be appreciated. Meanwhile if you want to just see if the sport is for you then please get in touch.

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