Currently, it is not permitted to row but as the vaccine rollout proceeds and extends to more of the adult population lockdown restrictions will ease though this will be determined on the basis of data rather than date. Hopefully, however, it will be possible to get back on the water by early Summer albeit with some Covid-19 safety precautions in place. LACRC has produced a Covid Risk Assessment and Safety Procedures which are available to the membership to see and the Club’s Covid Officer will provide more details as the situation developments.

Please be aware that the rowing sessions must be booked by a Club member who must be present throughout. Any day/time slot not shown is free. Members’ phone numbers and email addresses can be found in the Members’ Area (password protected for members only).

Please note: All of the members with a plus sign (+) next to their name are experienced coxes. At least one of them should always be in every skiff and he/she will be responsible for the safety supervision of the session. It is also a safety requirement to have a Shore Safety Officer (SSO) ashore in communication via VHF. “Dal” and “Ter” denote our launch sites at Dalavich and Tervine respectively.

(J) indicates a Junior member between the ages of 14 and 16 who is accompanied by a parent or guardian.. Club members pay £2 for each rowing session with guest members also paying this sum unless it is one of the three free “taster sessions” each potential member is entitled to


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Types of Outing

  • Social Row - Easy going, relaxed and usually with several breaks with tips on technique etc.
  • Technical Session - Focus on improving rowing and coxing technique.
  • Fitness Session - Aimed at improving fitness and stamina in the skiff - suitable for all levels of ability.
  • Warm Up Training - half hour shore session learning how to prepare for physical exercise.
  • Regatta Training - working on improving technique, fitness and stamina including the practice of tight turns, racing starts, sprints - physically more demanding.
  • Racing Practice - skiffs racing against each other over a mile or so. Crews selected.

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